Thursday, March 25, 2010

Begging Spring

Something changed in me since I birthed my sweetie daughter. I used to be completely partial to autumn. I have more autumnal decor items than I do Christmas. It drives Roomie bananas when August comes to a close and though we are weeks from the cooler weather and autumnal equinox, I will beg him to pull out my autumn boxes and let me start rummaging through all the orange and brown fabrics, leaf plates, twig pumpkins and fall foliage table linens.

Two years ago, during the beginnings of summer, my sweetie little babe was born. I had my hands full that summer and the autumn boxes didn't even come out that year. Over the winter I learned about SOLE food and dug deep into pick-your-own farms , started my own deck garden (which actually grew!) and really found I enjoyed summer for the first time. Autumn came last year and we were completely in love with our farmer's markets, foraging in the wild and camping that we were actually disappointed when summer drew to a close.

This winter was amazing. Aoife is growing in ways that teaches me daily about myself, but she loves the outdoors and with so many freak snow storms this last winter, we both have been begging spring to come. It's been weird for me. I love jeans, Birks, long-sleeved t-shirts and a worn sweatshirt with a ball cap. I cannot wait to go swimming with Aoife. Yes, warm sun, swimsuit, sand, the whole bit.

We joined into a local organic farm that houses our long-eared goat, through which we will be getting all our summer produce and we saw the little starts of seedlings that will soon become the heirloom and heritage varietals that will move farm-to-table to the waiting fork and fingers of my daughter.

Sharing baby goats, growing plants, warm earth, salty spray of the ocean, harvesting our own food and teaching my family about food, how to eat and how to love one another makes each season such a joy. There's so much for her to learn, experience and be excited by that I look forward to sharing it with her...

If only spring could come just a little faster!

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