Thursday, September 13, 2007

Summer in September or Indian Summer on Indian River

Summer is not my favorite. I've already written my Salutation to Summer and summer is still here. Now what?

Today is September 13th and the temperature is supposed to be in the mid-eighties. What gives? I am terribly fond of autumn and it is due to arrive in a mere 10 days, but alas, nothing. Just a blazing hot sun, wretched humidity, a car with no air conditioning and a dejected glance toward my sweater chest and all my favorite corduroy and wool skirts.

I work at Regent University on Indian River road and apparently they are still advertising summery photographs on their website. I feel like I'm experiencing Groundhog Day or the winter that would never end for the children of Narnia. In any regard, I feel like I'm being cheated of my favorite season as winter will inevitably come and Christmas will require I remove all my autumnal decor.

I have decided to take a stand and transform my home from fresh summertime colors to my harvest tones that help me feel as if I have arrived to that hallowed time of year. Feel free to stop by and get spiced cider and pumpkin bread, just remember your sweater, for I have turned my A/C down to mid-sixties to imitate the season. Let fall come!

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