Sunday, January 4, 2009

Aoife, I love the way you...

  1. laugh at how I sing "Singing in the Rain" while I'm showering.
  2. look when you first rouse from your nap. Your soft blue eyes melt my heart.
  3. lick your lips when you are done eating.
  4. give me the "I love you" look.
  5. lie in bed and watch me sleeping when you first wake in the morning.
  6. always respond to my voice.
  7. keep me company at night. Your breathing is so precious.
  8. giggle when I nibble on your ribs and gum your arms.
  9. enjoy Jane Austen films with me.
  10. humor my attempts to tell you about the highlights in my Economist.
  11. shake your head "no" when the answer is most surely "yes". It's completely comical.

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