Saturday, November 28, 2009

Green Holiday: Thanksgiving

Trying to continue to make the most of our resources, minimize waste, eat a SOLE food diet and encourage others to have Green Holidays, I've included a little sneak peak into our November festivities. This was my first year hosting Thanksgiving and cooking a turkey without my mom, but we tried our best and made sure we were making tribute to seasonal, local food as well as traditional family favorites!

Grandma Balaban's Holiday Spinach Balls (photo above)

Mom's Olive Tapenade

  • green olives & black olives
  • toasted pecans
  • organic omega-3 mayonnaise with flax seed oil
  • water crackers

Betty Magill's Cranberry Salad

  • fresh organic cranberries (photo above)
  • organic grapes, celery, orange and tart apple
  • crushed pineapple
  • all-natural vegan gelatin
  • organic fair-trade white sugar
  • organic walnuts
  • organic cream cheese

Old-school Mashed Potatoes

Mom's Sausage Stuffing
  • organic celery, onion, apple, fresh sage
  • organic seasoned stuffing mix
  • fresh nitrate-free venison sausage (gifted to us from our Texan rancher family)
  • homemade vegetable stock (photo above)
  • organic dried cranberries

Brined Turkey with Cider Gravy

  • organic, free-range, heritage turkey
  • organic, sea-salted butter
  • fresh organic sage & rosemary
  • salt brine mix from Williams-Sonoma (photo above)
  • unpasteurized, fresh, domestic apple cider
  • organic, unbleached, unbromated flour


  • fresh homemade chai (served both chilled and hot)
  • organic, fair-trade, shade-grown coffee
  • unpasteurized fresh domestic apple cider

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