Monday, November 30, 2009

Chai in the evening

There were dregs of cardamom
in the bottom of my cup
like tiny sandy rivers
carrying me closer to my mom.
Swirling steam rises
from my tiny glass
tasting and remembering
moment after moment with her.
Sitting alone in my chair
thinking of her wisdom
her grace
her way.
Wishing she were here
drinking the last
dregs of cardamom
in my cup.


Lea said...

So beautiful. I miss you you so much and this just makes me sob.

Thank you for warming my soul and reminding me of the fragrance of love.


James said...

What a rich and aromatic blog. Beautiful from first word to last. Thank you for sharing the chai. Dad

James said...

What a rich and aromatic blog. Simply beautiful from first to last word. Thank you for bringing out the beauty of a nice quiet fall day. Dad