Wednesday, August 12, 2009

#18 Realized

Recently, I wrote a post about some random facts about myself. On that list of 25 pieces of trivia, number 18 said:
"One day, Joshua and I want to own a Subaru Outback."
And buy one, we did.
I went up North for a week with family and upon my return, I was picked up at 9:45 in the evening in 97 degree weather in a vehicle with no air conditioning and a broken rear hatch (read here: I sat squished in the back seat with my kid and my bags in a muggy hot car). Though Roomie was excited to see me and Baby, we were already short with one another before we reached the parking lot attendant.
Saturday morning we decided to just "go and see". After a fluke fantastic test drive and making the hard decision to leave sans vehicle we spend the rest of the weekend loathing our car.
Monday morning? We left our Estelle at the dealership and came home with Estelle 2.0... whoa, girly, what a pretty car! Leather interior, double sun roof, opening trunk and A/C cold enough to give you goosebumps? We're a happy trio.

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Jess said...

congratulations on estelle 2.0!

i love me some GOOD A/C...i would be happy, too!