Tuesday, March 31, 2009

25 Pieces of Trivia

  1. I love lists, calendars, agendas, to dos…though I never follow them, I'm always late and I never read it.
  2. I look for patterns: repeats in fabric prints, carpet, manufactured ceiling tiles, loops in music tracks, etc.
  3. Occupations where I thought I would excel: restaurant critic, book editor, organic food co-op shop owner.
  4. I love indie coffeehouse music that intros with cello. I also love celtic panpipe music.
  5. I sometimes journal my dreams: I have 3-5 a night, full plot, color, sound, touch and taste sensation. I often need a moment to distinguish between my dream world and real world when I awake.
  6. I have a recurring dream about skipping a biology class `and showing up on midterm day. Every time I have this dream I fumble through an excuse to why I haven't been to class in three months and I have to borrow a pen, because I came to class unprepared. (FYI: I took biology back 5+ years ago and scored a 95, so not sure what this about)
  7. Pet peeves: when I lose a particularly good online resource (I think I bookmarked it and then it's not there… dang it de.lici.ous!, no wonder I switched to Diigo), when Bon AppĂ©tit interviews a fast food junkie for the contributor column and when Harris Teeter is out of halva.
  8. I have (not-so-secret) ambitions of becoming an artist one day. If only I took the time to practice an art form and I actually didn't criticize myself before completion.
  9. I love surprises (good ones, at least).
  10. I have a crazy addiction to stationary. There is something entirely wholesome, delightful and exciting about receiving a handwritten letter from someone you love.
  11. I always cry when:
    ~ watching Elinor Dashwood stutter at the end of Sense and Sensibility, "so then, you are not married?"
    ~ watching Independence Day and the First Lady dies and the president comes out and sits next to his daughter and she says, "Is Mommy sleeping now?"
    ~ at the end of Return of the Kings (Lord of the Rings) when King Aragorn walks over to Legolas and sees Arwen alive.
  12. When I grow up, I want to be just like my mom.
  13. I love pottery/earthenware/Apilco/Kutieya.
  14. I like raw beets, juiced spinach and anything with Spike seasoning on it.
  15. I always wanted to become a drummer and I just learned my brother apparently had the same dream.
  16. I think camping is fantastic. I wish I could do it all the time… if only our car thought the same.
  17. I have a knack for killing plants, no matter how hardy, how user-friendly, how old and established it is, I can make it suffer a long, slow death.
  18. One day, Joshua and I want to own a Subaru Outback.
  19. I have this fantasy about being an athlete: a raw-vegan-yogi-marathoning-triathlete. (Now, if only I could get my fanny out the door for a walk… I just need to pry the container of ice cream from my hand.)
  20. I think my daughter is absolutely fantastic. (Can I say that?)
  21. I wish my teeth were straighter.
  22. I think putting items on my calendar automatically jinxes me from not having to do it.
  23. For the first time, I have not planned my anniversary trip nine months in advance. I'm such a slacker.
  24. I cannot stand forced alliteration marketing techniques: "Kwality Kuts" or "Katie's Kanine Kare" How are our children ever going to learn to spell things correctly?!
  25. I'm launching an Etsy store this year… oh geez, did I just write that?

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