Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inner-City Camping

This last weekend, I was really suffering from cabin sickness. Aoife and I had been down with a cold since we moved in the previous weekend, which meant no going out and no visitors coming in. By the end of the week, Aoife and I were both ready for some time away from our new home.

So… we went camping. Friday had a high of 27 and Saturday had a high of 29 but that didn't stop us. We drove away from our comfy new apartment, went to our campsite, cleared the area and while Roomie chopped up kindling and started a fire, I started putting up our tent, brought out the sleeping bags and tried to locate where I stashed the s'more supply.

By the time Aoife awoke from her evening nap on Friday, we were all set up and she was watching the glow of her first fire. Roomie maintained the fire well into the evening and by the time we fell asleep in one little heap under the blankets we were snuggled warm with the campfire and filled to the brim with dark chocolate-graham cracker-marshmallow goodness. (Now before someone calls me out on it, yes, I ate real marshmallows. I was going to make a homemade batch but I couldn't find kosher gelatin at the market and we were in a fix, so it is probably the first official non-kosher food item I've had since before I got pregnant. At any rate, that isn't the point of this post, so leave it alone, already.)

We woke up and Roomie went off to the loo and to put his contacts in, I flipped the thermostat and started up the electric griddle and then we both started making our camping breakfast: organic spinach, free-range vegetarian-fed eggs (over medium), scalloped new potatoes and organic zucchini seasoned with cold-pressed olive oil and vegan Spike. WAIT! What?!

Yea, we cheated.
We had to pay rent until the middle of February and since we had this fantastic empty apartment and some camping equipment that needed to be aired out and a three day weekend to enjoy it… well, we set up camp in our living room off Holland Road. We heard the drag racers and the ambulance sirens, but it felt like a retreat into the mountains. We brought the laptop since we still have internet, but we had little else. The three of us jumped back into bed after our breakfast and enjoyed some serious family time.
Aoife thought the tent was fantastic and Roomie was really relieved that we finally got to test out the air-mattress that we bought ages ago for our guests. Me? I was just having fun with my favorite two people, both of which are apparently pyromaniacs and want to know if we are going again this weekend?


Lea Tims said...

Wish your dad and I could've been there...sounds like so much fun.

Libby said...

That sounds like such a wonderful time, and very creative too!