Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trash Talk

With all the trips I've recently taken from our apartment to our car to reuse our boxes for our move, I've been acutely aware of how much trash I create. I also used to live near a landfill that was created into a park, and now, I live near a landfill that is about to become a park. It seems I just can't get away from it.

With everything I put into the trash, I've started wondering: was that something I could have prevented? Here's a recent sampling of the refuse I put into a landfill and how I plan to curb that activity next time around:

  • Plastic produce bags
  • Herbal tea bag
  • Paper napkin
  • Kleenex (a lot of them)
  • Cough drop wrappers
  • Ziploc bag container
  • Organic cream bottle
  • Chinese bistro take-out container

Plan of action to curb my landfill contributions:

  • Plastic produce bags: I will start bringing my own reusable bags to the grocery store. I will bring bags for produce items, for bulk dry goods and for carrying my items from the store.
  • Herbal tea bag: Roomie and I have already started buying loose leaf black tea so that we aren't putting bags into the garbage and we can utilize the used leaves for composting, but I should start buying my herbal teas loose leaf as well since I cannot consume black tea because of Baby.
  • Paper napkin: Yes, I really could go to cloth napkins. :D
  • Kleenex (a lot of them): Oh, how delightfully old-school is this? I could use handkerchiefs… apparently, they aren't just for your hair anymore!
  • Cough drop wrappers: I will find a brand that sells the cough drops in a single container, preferably in something highly recyclable, like tin and are not individually wrapped.
  • Ziploc bag container: I have already cut out the useage of plastic baggies, but I will start encouraging Roomie to take his lunch Bento-style and not utilize plastic bags.
  • Organic cream bottle: Our grocery store used to sell our cream in glass bottles (how cool is that?!) and then you could bring them back and get a credit on your next purchase of dairy. I know we have a dairy in town, perhaps I could follow-up on that. Of course, this brings up another valid point about participating in a cow-share. I could just use my own containers.
  • Chinese bistro take-out container: Well, I probably should stop eating P.F. Chang's…

Wow. Everything in my trash bin was totally recyclable or preventable.

Photo credit: flickr - alex_lee2001

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