Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Toaster Deal

Roomie and I made a deal.

If I orchestrated The Great Move, Roomie agreed that I could leave our cursed non-toasting toaster behind.

I got the toaster as a hand-me-down from my folks when I got married. No problem, I love second-hand stuff and I was grateful to have it. During the course of our four years at the apartment though, it finally reached its last leg. The little knobs on the bottom that determine how much toasting occurs, snapped off. The little trap doors on the bottom that released all the crumbly breadcrumb goodness, suddenly stopped opening, probably the fault of the preserves that have fallen from "on high" down the slot and have hardened on the bottom right near where the trigger release door opens (did I just write that?!). Not to mention the fact that it merely produces warm bread.

That was the last straw.

I love toasted bread (I'm going to recant this later on my green blog, because of the carcinogens that occur when you toast things… but pay no attention. I really do love things nice and browned, this is my blog, I can be frank here if I want). My toaster currently only toasts one side of bread, the other of which, is heated by default. Not good.

We are almost completely all done with The Great Move and Roomie hasn't mentioned my consolation prize. He said I could purchase a new one when next we are out in town and I see one I want. Fair enough, I thought.

But, it just so happened tonight that the bread that came out of my bread machine this evening seemed to be a little undercooked and was in desperate need of toasting… maybe we can get Roomie to take a drive with me tonight.


Mike said...

I was going to post this on your green blog but couldn't figure out where to post comments. Anyway, don't know if you know this or not but Kroger has the cream in glass bottles and you can return them for a deposit. Whoo Whoo

Jim Eichholz said...

Jan 22 - Mar 15: no new posts.

Having kids is setting in . . .