Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quick Rant... on "Compliments"

Alright. I'm ticked.

I work at a university with a rather healthy international population. I have several friends in that populous, but there are also scads of people I don't know... who deem is necessary to tell me how they think my pregnancy is progressing.

I am not sure if these are compliments in their home country, but they are not necessary comments in ours:

"You look big."

"Were you planning on gaining that much weight?"

"Was this baby a surprise?"

and my personal favorite: ""Oh... you're having a baby. (duh) Are you having twins? In my country, if women are your size they are having two babies!"

Perhaps in their country they do not have the expression: "If you can't say anything nice... don't say anything at all."

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