Thursday, March 27, 2008

Birthing Philosophy

Below is outlined the basic outlines of our birthing philosophy:

We believe in Dr. Grantly Dick-Read’s philosophy of fearless childbirth. We believe that fear causes additional pain from the constricting of blood vessels through the fearful “fight or flight” syndrome of the Central Nervous System and that with a thorough knowledge of events and apt preparation, a woman does not need to fear childbirth and delivery.

We believe in Dr. Robert Bradley’s philosophy of husband-coached childbirth. We believe the best person to coach and deliver our child is the one who has been with me throughout the duration of my pregnancy and has taught me true relaxation through constant devotion, love and attention.

We believe in Dr. Thomas Verny’s philosophy of pre-natal psychology. We believe our child can hear, learn, remember and respond to my emotions, my actions and my words as well as those who surround me and my interactions with them.

We believe in Dr. Frederick Leboyer’s philosophy of a “birth without violence”. We believe children should be born in an environment that is similar to the one in which they have been residing for their gestational growth: quiet, dimly lit, warm, wet, inviting and full of joy and hope.

We believe in true natural pregnancy and natural childbirth is the best healthful choice for our child. On the surface, we believe that involves: no medications during pregnancy (even antacids), non-intrusive doctor visits, and a non-medicated, non-induced, no-AROM, non-surgical vaginal delivery without intervention.

We believe in the wrongful translation of the King James’ Bible and all subsequent versions that translate Genesis 3:16 as a “Curse on Eve” as pointed out by Supernatural Childbirth, Christ-Centered Childbirth, Lord of the Birth, Dr. Sear’s Pregnancy Book, Dr. Sear’s Birth Book, Hypnobirthing, and Husband-Coached Childbirth, among others. We believe the Bible’s correct translation labels Eve’s childbirth as requiring labor and hard work, but that it is not in sorrow and not in pain.

We believe that Jesus took ALL our infirmities to the cross, and any possible “curse” that could have been placed on Eve was taken on Christ’s shoulders when he was crucified and that we now live lives that are able to be without pain and fear.

We believe that ultrasounds are not aptly tested and have probability of being harmful to a growing fetus.

We believe that cutting of the umbilical cord should not be done until the cord has atrophied and all fluids have been exchanged between child and placenta.

We believe contractions prior to labor are healthy and are a positive sign that the muscles are learning how to properly function when it is time to deliver the baby.

We believe that the woman “delivers” the baby and the husband or caregiver’s role is to “receive” the baby.

We believe food consumption during labor is healthy and recommended as it is a physical activity that requires energy to be sustained.

We believe in "kangaroo-care" and immediate skin-to-skin contact from mother to baby after the baby is first born as the best way to warm, connect and soothe the baby.

We believe in immediate breast-feeding after birth of the baby to initiate uterine contractions to expel the placenta naturally.

We believe in non-interrupted bonding immediately post-partum. We believe the baby should not leave the arms of his parent for the several hours following birth and should not leave the room of the parents' presence for the first several days in order to maximize bonding and encourage parental identity with the child.

We believe home birth is the safest, healthiest environment for the birth of our first child.

and finally:

We believe that pregnancy is a healthy reproduction of life and that is a natural, normal experience and that it should not be treated as a disease, handicap or that somehow our bodies are not able to function perfectly as our Creator designed them to. We believe God designed the womb intentionally and with great purpose and the womb's function is fulfilled through childbirth.

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Heidi said...

I hope you leave an in depth journal on how it all goes! I am so anxious to hear about this, as I don't of anyone who is actually pursuing this form of childbirth. I am extremely interested!