Sunday, December 14, 2008


Let the "reason for the season" always be the birth of Jesus Christ. Focusing now on traditions that I want to instill in our home and things that I want to teach my daughter are apparent by where I place my emphasis. Am I more concerned with celebrating the birth of the Christ-child or in watching my favorite Christmas movies? Have I dedicated time to blessing others this holiday season? Am I teaching Aoife about the joys of giving?

Roomie and I have gotten a lot of "holiday" cards this year, but not very many "Christmas" cards. Rearing my daughter in a nation that widely celebrates Christmas (96%), I want her to be ever mindful of why we celebrate: not for Black Friday and Cyber Monday but in recognition that several hundred years ago, our Savior was born in the form of a baby. He came and lived a blameless life and died so that we might have life in eternity with him. Should she ever lose focus, I want her to remember every Christmas season that Jesus Christ is the reason we celebrate.

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