Thursday, November 20, 2008

Official 1st Night Out

I was giddy: almost like a high school student out on a school night. I was not planning to be gone long, Aoife has a cold and is not weaned yet, but the thought of dressing up and being on my own for an evening was just thrilling.

I dug my wallet and keys out of the diaper bag and found a purse, a pair of shoes that I do not normally wear when I am toting Aoife around and put in a little hairspray, mascara and lipstick and I was on my way.

Perhaps the oddest thing I found once I arrived to this birthday party that I was attending was that I almost didn't know what to do with myself. Usually I am holding my five month daughter and if I am not, my husband is and I am busily eating, drinking or quickly putting my hair up and preparing my nursing cover so that I can take her back. This time though, I sat in a little corner arm chair with my cup of chamomile tea balanced on my leg and though the cell phone was within view and poised to alert me that Aoife had woken, it did not draw my attention.

I was only up the street from my own home and in total, I was gone only 45 minutes, but it was refreshing. During my day, (evening and night, too!) my focus is on my daughter. As I am still learning the balance of motherhood, I am realizing that my needs are to be met also. The delightful thing of it all is I have surrounded myself with amazing women who are incredible mothers who would do anything for their children. Now if only I can find a way to spend more time with them...

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