Friday, November 21, 2008

Mac People

I grew up with cassette players, then compact discs, mini-discs, MP3 players and then,... the iPod. The advent of which brought on a whole new gamut of technology. My daughter who is now five months will have no clue what video cassettes are or why I had a bulky DVD player to watch movies. The idea that I once owned a computer that filled a desktop and respective foot space for its processing unit will blow her mind. As I sit here typing on a slim laptop, which, when purchased was fairly good technology, will become a relic in only a few months. As the world turns and research is more readily available, so much will change in her world.

But, I sit here munching on my Macintosh apple knowing, rest assured, that when my daughter laughs at the mention of the archaic iPod and Apple computer, she will still recognize a quality baking apple when she sees one.

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Tim said...

Hi Cai, I am happy to find you on here. What a beautiful little girl you have.
Tim Cowdell Sr.