Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Shiver Your Timbers!

Yes, it is in fact International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Where do people come up with this stuff? Apparently two dorky guys decided this was a good way to celebrate their infernal geekiness and show up the likes of Johnny Depp, I mean, Captain Jack Sparrow, and show their pride for the eye patch, run and pegleg. Yes, they really do have a website and they really are on Wikipedia. Which, by all my extensive research means they are official and should be highly regarded by the rest of us, you know, civil society.

Had I known today was ITLAPD, I would have worn my hook, my stripped shirt and the most gargantuan captain hat I can find. Of course, a handkerchief underneath that three pointed hat was mandatory so lest we ruin the outfit by leaving that out I will need to remind the rest of you that it needs to be worn, tattered and smell like the high seas and faintly of rum.

So before the day is over, make sure you make like a pirate and say something ridiculous with the best accent you can manage.

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