Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Remembering my Eulogy

Last autumn I wrote my eulogy for class. It seemed morbid at the time but as I sat in my auto driving home from the pool I heard a song on classical radio that would remind me of something one would hear sung over the casket in memory of a lost one. I began to reevaluate what I wrote in that paper and how poignant it was at the time, how much it caused me to evaluate my actions and behaviors toward people and thus, how I would want to be remembered.

I wrote three characteristics about myself that I thought stuck at the core of who I am. I wrote about my relationship with Christ and how I reared my children in His shadow. I wrote about the Davi Open Door... anyone was welcome, anytime for a bed or a meal and that we had many stories to share on account of that policy. I wrote about how every circumstance and setting was an opportunity to learn and to share about experiences that helped me grow. I wrote about how I was honest, sometimes brutally so. I could share my heart, bare my soul or tell one honestly "yes, that dress does look good on you". I wrote about my children by name and talked of how they emulated a few characteristics in seeking wholesomeness and openness in which I would encourage them daily.

I poured out my heart and added quotes from books I was inspired by and used verses that served as my staples through my journey. I addressed all the common tales of eulogies, but somehow only received a B. Perhaps this year I should try it again. Perhaps now I know myself better.

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