Monday, July 2, 2007

Taking a Break

So I took a term off. Did I mention that? Today is the first day of classes since I took off a half-semester and I'm finding it difficult to remember what I did to occupy those eight weeks of freedom in the beginning of the summer. I'm sure I had fun and I know I relaxed. I know that I took time to plant flowers and tend to my garden.

Of course that flower now sits on my cubicle desk under the same blue glow of the halogen lights as I nervously wait for it to open and show me what flower it is. I remember sowing poppies, zinnias, dahlias, and a random assortment of bachelor's buttons and wildflowers. This blue pot that has dragonflies on it only has one variety in it, that much I am sure. There are four swollen buds on them and I'm sure they will open soon. I want to be sitting right here watching it happen. I would hate for it to be a particularly lovely day outside and for them to open with no one to see it and then to wilt from the exhaustive sun rays and me not be able to save them with a tall glass of water. I'll make sure I'm watching my plant so if it does take the opportunity to open I'm here with my eyes wide and my jaw dropped, crooning and cooing over its arrival. I think they will be lovely, whatever it is. It looks now like they will be pink or red or orange... the bud is starting to hint at some amazing colors. Whatever it is it will be completely girly and that will suffice enough to get me through this next term. At least for this plant, I can see time passing and know my time off was well worth it.

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