Friday, July 6, 2007

Just Do It

I have concluded to adopt a new life philosophy: Nikeology. Also known as the nine million dollar marketing slogan: "Just Do It". On an aside, I am still a little unsure why it took a whole team four months to come up with that simple and direct phrase, but that is why they are laughing their way to the bank and I still drive a 1995 Honda.

I have decided I am procrastinator extraordinaire, a woman with an excuse for everything, a hypochondriac and most importantly, I am a lady of lists. If I have written it down to not forget it, I will most assuredly remember to not do it, because I have written it down.

So my list looks something like this: refurnish the sofa, reorganize and close out the financial books from 2006 (hey, at least I filed my taxes in January), make some sense and order out of my storage shed, and overcome my fear of the back of the closet. I do make time for these things, and then I am overwhelmed with the prospect of doing them. So they remain on my list, where I feel safe and secure.

Most recently, this new adoption of "Nikeology" as I fond of calling it, is helping me with things I don't want to do: clean out my fridge, handle admissions deferrals at work, go for a run after sitting in rush hour traffic. Now, I'm just going to do it. Do it sooner than later and don't put off anything until tomorrow which you can do today (Thanks for the reminder, Jefferson). Of course there is always Mark Twain to remind us "never put off until tomorrow that which you can do the day after tomorrow". What a sense of humor he has. That seems to be the personal mantra of the gentlemen I live with. Can anyone else tell that I am in a severe predicament?

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