Thursday, November 7, 2013

Starting Over

I like fresh starts. I like the beginning of a school semester, opening a new notebook and the start of a new calendar year. I like moving into a new house, introducing myself to new kindred spirits and exploring new shops or towns.

Truth is, I tend to muddle things up and having a blank slate to start over helps me to reframe how to begin anew. "Failure" penned Henry Ford, "is simply an opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently." I like that last part: more intelligently. It seems to acknowledge that the failure wasn't in vain -- something was learned. Something was experienced and through that, our vantage is differed and we're bettered.

I like to write. To pen my ideas and help clarify my mind. I think publishing on a public blog is a very interesting place to do that, but I often get caught in my changing voice. I look at previous posts and think, "did I really write that?!" My response to this, of course, is to begin again. Snag a new website, make a new background and launch again (I've certainly done this a number of times). The nature of maturation though, is that my thoughts and voice will change with time. If I didn't, I'm not learning. Perhaps that was the normative response in my twenties, but I'm realizing there is a permanence of my decisions now in my thirties: my husband, my children, my home. My home doesn't have a lease on it. It's mine. My signature was penned to the page that said I have 30 years to pay back the purchase price. A thirty year mortgage: that's my entire life all over again. In this house.

All that to say, I'm folding all my previous blogs into this site One place. One site where I can grow and mature as a writer and continue to improve my voice and learn from the world around me and the decisions I make and become increasingly better at being me, and loving myself in my own skin.

So, here's to continuing. To renewing a journey I've begun and paused many a time. To forging through my old voices and my old faces and embracing a new season where I can continue to learn and flourish. If I was waiting for perfect images to grace my page, a beautiful space or a schedule in which to write them or even something fantastically original in which to entertain you, I might be waiting awhile. Truth is, I write for me. And I look forward to sharing my life with you. Thanks for coming by.

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