Friday, April 9, 2010

Little Girl Love

Aoife's 21 months old... she's getting so old so fast. She signs, she dances, she laughs and twirls, and she's a delight.

Aoife, I love the way you:
  • answer to just about anything: Love Child, Love Bucket, Snuppy Head, Snuggleupwithus, Aoiffers, and AOIFFENADEENABEDADAVIS!! (but only in emergencies).
  • have favorite foods my friends don't even eat: lentils, capers, kale juice, quinoa, & Swiss chard
  • beg me for more green lemonade
  • talk to me in the morning while you are still half-asleep
  • are such an outdoors-junkie. I can't wait to take you camping again this summer
  • start pretending to cough when Daddy talks about making a cup of coffee
  • are suddenly crazy in love with your Uncle Taylor - where did that come from?
  • you are completely obsessed with the brushing your teeth
  • still nurse to sleep... it's my favorite time to cuddle with you
  • steal *all* of my jewelry
  • fit in the clothes you wore when you were 6 months old
  • make your dad and I turn our faces away when we're disciplining you to keep from letting you see us laugh
  • blow raspberries and kisses to the baby in mama's belly

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