Monday, March 29, 2010

A Simple Thank You

This last weekend I went to a woman's conference. If I've been to a woman's retreat before, it's been at least 10 years and I don't remember it. It is fair to say though, that I won't forget this weekend for a long while.

There is something so beautiful about women coming together, baring their hearts to one another, freely expressing emotion that never is given room to breathe and sharing their lives. Roomie watched Baby for the duration I was gone and I was given time to sit, listen to testimonies and watch women paint their worship.

This is my little thank you to the women who held me while I cried, listened to my heart, offered me their shoulder, ministered to my heart through worship, inspired my soul through their art and let me sit next to them while I frantically scribbled notes of indecipherable importance.

I feel that large parts of my person that have long been quiet, hiding or repressed came back alive this weekend and were given room to have new life and fresh breath again. It's an exciting thought to know that the me I know, might finally be introduced to people I've long known.

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