Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December Photo Project:: 12/08/09

  • She eats the bread fresh out of the machine: organic, whole-grain and full of words she can't pronounce, like "amaranth", "quinoa", and "hulled hemp seed".
  • She eats tomatoes: plum, grape, cherry or fresh off the bush at Nanna's.
  • She eats the brown rice that I put ginger and fresh garlic on for our stir-fry pilaf. She thinks it even tastes better when you eat it with a chopstick.
  • She eats Turkish minted red lentil soup. She doesn't care that it has red onion in it and will probably make her breath stinky.
  • She loves apples... I can barely make it to the front of the store before she's reached around into the fabric bag and pulled one out and started eating it.
  • She loves kisses... and the more of my cheek, forehead or lips she can kiss the happier she is.

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