Monday, April 13, 2009

Green Holiday: Easter

In my efforts to start eating more locally, I built a holiday menu that was seasonal, local, organic and almost entirely homemade. In efforts to reduce waste and reduce our carbon footprint, I purchased almost everything at the farmer's market with my reusable grocery bags and produce bags and utilized cloth napkins at the table. Here's a listing of our SOLE food Easter menu:

Eggs Benedict:

Crepes Suzette:

  • Local duck eggs (also from Peace & Plenty farm in NC)
  • Locally produced cream (from Homestead Creamery in Roanoke)
  • organic butter
  • domestic flour (from King Arthur in VT)

Blanched Asparagus:

  • locally grown and harvested asparagus (purchased at the Eastern Market in Capitol Hill)

Chocolate Truffles

  • locally made chocolate truffles that are made without additives or preservatives using only seasonal ingredients (bought at 5 Points Community Market from Cocoa Noveau: she recently set up an Etsy store so when she bakes for the farmer's market you can purchase her fantastic European chocolates online!)

My only regret was that I didn't take a photo of us enjoying all this fantastic food!!

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Libby said...

This meal sounds absolutely delicious! I am amazed at your cooking abilities, do you use a special cookbook?