Sunday, November 9, 2008

Turkish To Do List

For our holiday season this year, my roommate and I are taking our little "snuppy head" to the Mediterranean to see "Nanna and GrandDad". Of course there will be plenty of snow to be had, a double serving of Mom's Christmas Eve post-candlelight-service lasagna, a wonderful four part harmony round of caroling to of all of my parents' friends and then secretly, there will be my to-do list to accomplish:
  1. Pick from a pomegranate tree
  2. Buy fresh tahini (sesame seed butter) in a candy store
  3. Purchase whole shelled walnuts from a street vendor
  4. Eat ice cream off a pole
  5. Visit a mosque
  6. Ride a camel (the non-spitting variety)
  7. Walk somewhere the Apostle Paul walked
  8. Buy a pashmina tablecloth
  9. Take a photo of a Turkish woman oogling over Aoife
  10. Eat lamb

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