Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Girls' Night In

I was thinking about having a "girls' night in" party this weekend. My roommate is going out of town and it will just be the two of us girls partying at the house alone. Of course, when I think of a "girls' night in" party, I think of fun appetizers on little amuse bouche plates and swirling glasses with old vine Zinfandel. Perhaps a girly movie; a romantic comedy that is featured in black and white and requires the closed captioning feature. With the movie inevitably brings popcorn, so I'll have to find a big bowl suitable for that. Naturally, if it is a girly night there will be nail polish and facial masks and perhaps the occasional nose strip. Oh wait!
Aoife can't chew. She doesn't have teeth. I also wouldn't dare paint her nails or put a nose strip on her cute little button. Vino? Not happening. Movie? Perhaps, but that's only if she catches a sneak peek when she rolls over in bed, since she will likely be turning in at her recent bedtime of 5:45. Maybe I'll just celebrate my little girl by serving my dinner on white china and I'll toast my grape juice to my sweet daughter and hope my husband comes home quickly.

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