Monday, June 2, 2008

... That's what makes the world go round

There is a song in my head which explains perfectly how I feel right now. We are eight days past the due date of our first child. The amount of people, especially that I have not spoken to in years, who want to know when we plan to induce has been overwhelming. First, let me clarify: my husband and I are planning a home birth, attended by midwife. Inducing is not an option.

Secondly, only 5% of non-induced natural childbirths actually occur on their due date. Which means, the delivery date is not likely be the one circled on your calendar.

For all the early babies that are born full term (anything after 37 weeks), but not yet at their estimated due date, "hello, I am your counter-balance". I am successfully and healthfully enjoying my 41st week of pregnancy. No hypertension, diabetes, edema, preclampsia, I sleep like a baby and have minimal stretch marks. My weight gain is dead on for where my midwife wanted me and I am happy to report the baby eats like a tapeworm.

I am absolutely delighted that my baby is late: that he is comfortable enough to be rooming in and getting chubby as long as he has. I am also completely happy that if someone has to be the statistic that balances all those early term births, that is is me. I have loved being pregnant and further enjoyed not having a "typical" pregnancy... it has been wonderful and I have really and truly relished every moment of it. I am glad to be the alternative to the other experiences I have heard of recently.

It's the up and down, in and out that makes the world go round...

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