Friday, March 14, 2008

A New Season

In six days, spring equinox arrives.

My house has been spring cleaned: filters changed, vents washed, vacuum cleaner serviced, cupboards emptied and wiped out, linens rotated, winter clothes laundered and put in space bags for storage, jackets dry cleaned, base boards cleaned and curtains removed, laundered and windows washed. We went through the storage shed and donated items we do not use or want, we labeled storage bins and wiped down the vinyl siding on our apartment. We planted fresh flowers, herbs and repotted bulbs for spring. We cleaned out our file cabinets from 2007 and prepared for a "paperless" year of online billing and e-statements. We repainted our second bathroom and made for a fresh approach in this new season of our lives: our little one will soon be here, and though frantic cleaning will no longer ensue, we are still preparing our hearts and our minds for the room that will be made to accommodate this life that will transform us.

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