Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Saving Face

Alright. I'm going to start this with a disclaimer: I understand that sometimes we say things inadvertently and we have to eat our words. There is a time and a place for this. Below is not one of them.

My husband did an interview in the middle of last week. As humbly as one can say this: the company loved him. Only hours after his interview did they call him back with a job offer. The job unfortunately revealed itself in the interview as not being right for our family. When the human resources director called with the offer, my husband politely declined, but thanked them for their time and the opportunity.

A couple of days later, we went to check our mail and there was a letter from the company: "Dear Sir, Thank you for your recent interview, however we felt your credentials were not sufficient for this position and will keep your application on file for one year but will not be extending an offer to you at this time."

We laughed out loud and threw the letter in the garbage before we got back to our apartment.

What a hoot.

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