Wednesday, September 12, 2007


A friend of mine reminded me a while back about the importance of rest. It was confirmed the next semester when Joshua and I took a spiritual formation course together for our shared major and the main text was writing to individuals who do not spend enough time in repose. Life has its ways of speeding up until you either get caught speeding or you crash. I hope to be the earlier category, as I would rather be reminded than reprimanded.

Joshua and I have started observing one day of rest, a day of nothing. No business, no bills, no house work, no family issues, just kicking back and relaxing. This last week, Joshua worked through the weekend, but I was reminded of this concept and though we had moved my brother into his new apartment and had a slew of messes to pick up and reorganize, I spend the day in repose. I put Michael Becker in the stereo, lit a couple aromatherapy candles and enjoyed reading the August magazines I didn't get to pour over. Monday came, as it always does, a little too quickly, but I was rested and had found time to smell the flowers and trim back my rosemary plant and take time for me. As I loaded up my computer, I found a new email from a company I get daily quotes from and it said:

"How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterward" — Spanish proverb

I couldn't agree more.

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