Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cailin Coincidence

Just on a random aside, let it be known that my birthday, October 1st is also World Vegetarian Day. How wonderfully serendipitous is that? So not only is my favorite food (pumpkin) widely commemorated beginning October 1st, which is the beginning of it's harvest season, but also it is Vegetarian Awareness Month? Oh, I love it.
[Yes, that's me sitting in a pumpkin patch. That was taken last October on my annual "Autumn Day" where the first apple pie is made, the pumpkins are selected and the first batch of freshly pressed cider is brewed on the stove after a great day tromping through pumpkin patches and bumping around on hay rides. Think of all that amazing fresh air I get, while searching out the amazing pumpkin!]

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