Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ode to My Mother (On her Birthday)


This birthday cake is lots of fun.
You must chew it 'ere you're done.
It was made with memory of Grandma Sally,
With extra nutmeg, so don't you dally!
'Fourteen Karat Cake' is the only B-day cake,
A specialty tis' true, but with lots of love it's baked.
Michelle will help you celebrate tonight,
And for Thanksgiving, I will book your flight.
Grandma Magill's Cranberry Salad we'll make,
and an over-consumption of turkey we'll undertake.
But don't you blink, for Dad will soon be here,
His birthday you will celebrate with lots of cheer!
Of course, for his birthday, only 'German Chocolate' will do,
And with that chocolate, lots of kissing will ensue.
So, happy birthday, Mum, this cake is just for you!

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