Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dreaming about the Sunset

So as I end perhaps the most slow yet relaxing week I have had in a long time, I sit here rapidly typing away on my ergonomic keyboard, dreaming about the sunset. It is so warm, so calming, so inviting; it doesn't judge or pre-qualify you to receive its rays or colorful display. Evenly and carefully it showers the earth and its inhabitants with an equal distribution of light and time. Time, that never seems to allow me to get where I want to go or time enough to enjoy today without worrying about plans for tomorrow.

I spoke today with my husband's mentor, Randy, who asked how things were going and I commented that I recently made a very decided course of action and eliminated my educational schedule for fall and ended relationships in a couple of student organizations I was volunteering with and I have found that my stress levels were profoundly different. I told him that I felt like a new person and I was indeed happy for the change. He reminded me that some of those "duh" things we know soon become forgotten and neglected and when we are reminded of them they become "aha" things. Simple life facts: don't put too much on your plate, take time to smell the roses/coffee/hummus, exercise regularly, don't consume too much caffeine and so forth, and gradually get forgotten. Refocusing on the important things in life recently has really allowed me to take those "aha" thoughts and put them in practice and I think it makes all the difference.

As I count down the hours until sunset and the time Joshua will return I look forward to reminding him of those "aha" basics and encouraging him to savor the long weekend getaway we have planned outside of the city. Perhaps I will get him to sit with me in the hammock and watch the sunset, just as I have been dreaming, ever since he left.

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