Saturday, April 21, 2007

the End of the Settlement

Why do we settle? Is it because we do not think we can achieve better? It is because we lower our standards? Because we cannot push past previous barriers? Why do we debase ourselves to mediocrity?

"I'm only human"
"Probably... perhaps I may fail again"
"I've been doing pretty well"

When do we say ENOUGH?! Give me your best or none at all? Don't bother me with your half-efforts, your median living, your attempt to keep with the Jones'... Can you not imagine life beyond that?

"Do or do not, there is no try." Wasn't that Yoda's mantra? Don't give me a portion of your efforts, strength and heart when you could give it all. Is that how we cheat God? We put God in a box and tell him he can have prayers prior to all meals, Thursday evening from 6-8 during service and Sunday morning worship and that's it? God is wanting to know what are you doing with the other 162 hours this week?

Nearly 8,500 hours a year are spent on me. My work, my accomplishments, my educational pursuits, my academic achievements, my relationships and then my family and my house take up the rest of it. If that figure remains true, then 1/26th of my time is actually invested in the pursuit of my Salvation through Jesus Christ and the continual renewing and refining of my heart and character through Him. If one held their relationship in such disrepair, surely they would be forgotten, removed from future invitation and "left off" the Christmas card list. Not so for Christ, he waits, patiently calling us back to himself. . . sending reminders through interactions with people, a sense of peace in our hearts when we hit rock bottom, and through the ever-beckoning pulse of our conscious.

I recently attended a retreat for college ministry and through the five speakers, the all felt God telling them one message: DO NOT SETTLE: Your walls are too small. You box me in. You set limitations for me. You pray for what you think I can handle, but trust me. I seem to have a limited view of Christ. Omniscient: yes. Omnipresent: yes. Omnipotent: yes. Can he cure my headache? Oh, I don't think so, I better not bother him with that one--I'll just pop a Motrin. Can he save tsunami victims? yes. Can he soothe the hearts of those affected by the Virginia Tech massacre? yes. Can he help me make it to work on time? Don't be ridiculous, the green lights run on a system, that wouldn't happen. I know better.

How can we let God move unless we stop living in mediocrity and stop settling?

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